Wax Removal

Everyone makes ear wax and to do so is normal and healthy. Sweat glands inside the outer ear canal produce it, and the wax helps to oil ear canal tissues and protect the ear drum.

The healthy ear cleans itself. Tiny hairs lining the ear canal remove the wax slowly. When you clean your ear, you remove wax that moved far from its start. Do not put a finger, swab, etc. in to the ear canal. This can hurt and push the wax in deeper.

Deep wax can cause pain, fullness, noise in the ear or hearing loss. See a doctor, nurse or audiologist to determine if the ear wax is deep. If the wax is very deep, a special microscope can [be used to] remove it.

Doctors can use pressurized water to remove deep wax, or possibly the use of a wire loop under a strong headlamp to remove the wax gently. Vacuumming the ear with light suction is another option. Whatever process is used, the doctor should always view the cleaning area with a strong light.