Med El Cochlear Implants

MED-EL is a company of people unwilling to settle for less than the best. We define ourselves by four major criteria:
industry-leading technology, fast, courteous and consistent customer service response, access to support services,
and worldwide leadership in educational and rehabilitation materials.

We’ve kept a promise for more than 30 years made by the scientists and engineers who founded MED-EL,
that we would consistently reinvest a substantial percentage of the company’s revenue in research and development.
Past and present research has led to innovations such as bilateral cochlear implantation and electric-acoustic
stimulation. Our research efforts have contributed, not only to advances in technology, but also to expanding
candidacy criteria and improvements in medical reimbursement.

New Technology from MED-EL
FDA Approves MED-EL USA’s Cochlear Implants for Single-Sided Deafness and Asymmetric Hearing Loss
MED-EL’s are the First and Only Cochlear Implants to Be Granted Indications forTraditionally Underserved Population
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