Starkey hearing aids

Starkey hearing instruments offer an unparalleled listening experience while eliminating many of the negative characteristics associated with older style hearing aids. Now, for the first time, hearing aids are virtually free of feedback, so they don’t whistle when you hug someone, touch your hair or put on a hat. In addition, when you raise a phone to your ear, our telephone response system automatically recognizes that motion and adjusts the aid accordingly. These innovations are designed to provide the user with the highest levels of comfort, performance, and personalization, ensuring the best hearing experience possible. Your hearing professional can offer you everything from our standard product line to our custom hearing aids, depending on your unique hearing needs and lifestyle.

Since our start in hearing aid repair, Starkey has done things differently. Our focus is not just manufacturing hearing aids; it’s improving the hearing lives of people around the world through technology and innovation. To this end, we have created the most-advanced Research and Development department in the industry and continue to make life-changing advances year after year — translating into hearing aids that deliver the best sound experience available.