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Founded in 1992, Ear Specialists of Omaha is the only private practice in the region devoted solely to the medical and surgical treatment of ear, hearing, balance and facial nerve disorders in both adults and children. This sub-specialty of Ear, Nose and Throat called Otology-Neurotology, is a highly specialized area requiring at least five years of otolaryngology residency training after medical school, as well as an additional formal fellowship training in Otology-Neurotology.

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Providing the Right Hearing Solutions

Our practice specializes in the treatment of adult and pediatric patients with hearing loss, infections of the ear, tumors of the skull base (acoustic neuroma, meningioma, glomus tumor) and facial nerve and balance disorders.

Ear Specialists is the only office in the region with a team of highly trained professionals – a fellowship trained ear physician, Britt Thedinger, M.D. and specially trained audiologists providing answers, options and solutions to your specific hearing problems. We make choosing the right hearing aid and technology easy.

Digital hearing aids have come a long way since they were first introduced in the late 1980’s. There are now features and advanced signal processing schemes available in current digital hearing aids that have significant advantages over those found in analog instruments. We are your expert source for all types of digital hearing aids.

Cochlear implants enhance auditory information, including speech, environmental sounds and music by electronically finding useful sounds and then sending them to the brain by passing damaged tissue.

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